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All because two people fell in Love.

   Apr 04


Today – was a lot of screen time. Abi did her school work quickly and was done by noon. Ben got to have his first VPK Video chat session. Kids later played out front with chalk and their KiwiCo boxes.

For dinner, Memaw and Grandpa joined us for pao de queijo and Picanha.

   Jan 29


   Dec 27

Happy Lizzy

School pix today- Lizzy was so happy!

   Dec 27

Rainbows & Dinos

Godmother Melissa came for dinner and brought some gifts that Santa took to her place by mistake! Benny got a talking Dino and Abi a rainbow dress and hair! Lizzy got a few books and s new swimsuit!

   Dec 26

One Year

   Dec 25

Merry Christmas

Kids opened gifts and had a wonderful day. Memaw and Grandpa came over and we had stroganoff dinner!

   Dec 15

Goals 2018

Sadly — I was so busy all of 2018 I never really made “Goals” that I wrote down and stuck to. I do recall my biggest personal goal was wanting to eat better and lose weight… I’ve been on WW for the year and although I did lose there were some months I’d just gain or lose the same 2-4 pounds..

Another goal was to declutter the house – still working on this one! (Never ending goal!)

So, as I approach the end of 2018, I’ll be going back to my initial plan of writing and tracking my goals for 2019… now to come up with my plan!

   Dec 14

Christmas Cheer

Went to cards class .. it’s been wayy tooo long! Last I looked it was in February! Oh my!

Pix didn’t upload 🤷🏼‍♀️

   Dec 12

Dec 2017 to 2018

Been on WW for a year – been trying to lose weight. It’s been at a snail’s pace, but I’m finally beginning to see a little bit of results.

   Dec 12

Benny turns 4

Nicknames? Bubby, Benny
How old are you? Three
Favorite color? Red, Green, & Blue
Favorite toy? Dinosaur
Favorite stuffed animal? Nessie & Baby Gurl
Favorite outfit? Batman
Favorite fruit? Peaches, Apples & All of them
Favorite cereal? Cinnamon Squares & Rainbow Cheerios
Favorite breakfast? Donuts
Favorite lunch? Pizza
Favorite snack? Peaches
Favorite dinner? Steak
Favorite dessert? Cookies
Least favorite food? Broccoli, carrots and green beans
Favorite drink? Apple juice & lemonade
Favorite book? Pirate Book
Favorite song? Trolls
Favorite animal? Bear
Favorite game? Train (dominoes) & Candyland
Favorite TV show? Ladybug
Favorite movie? The Jungle Book
What is your favorite thing to do? Watch a show
Favorite sport? NA
Favorite outing? Pool, playground, & beach
Where is your favorite place to go? Pool, playground, & beach
Favorite holiday? Christmas & Halloween
Who is your best friend? Sarah, Lucas,& Luke
Favorite trip? New York
Where do you want to go on vacation? Disney
If you could meet someone famous who would it be? I don’t know
What do you want to be when you grow up? Have a baby in my tummy

What did we do on your birthday? Donuts for breakfast! Benny went to PreSchool and then Memaw and Grandpa joined us for dinner and cupcakes.
What was birthday meal? Pizza!
Favorite gift? Dinosaurs