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   Sep 13

Doctor’s Visit

Dear Glenwick,

Today I went over to the Doctor’s office. No worries, just needed some lab work done. I went to visit Sebastian’s doctor, who works right down the street, less than a 5 minute drive.

Overall, he was a nice fellow, but really, I only needed lab work done.

Yet, I walked out missing almost an arm and a leg, it was so expensive.

Even though I have insurance, for this visit, I was “uninsured” – my insurance is only valid in the state of Texas. For what I paid, I could have bought a plane ticket to Texas and gotten better treatment. My insurance is through Cobra, which is a continuation of the health insurance I had when I was employed. Since my insurance was through the hospital, and that hospital is only in Houston, then I can only use it in Houston.

I hope my labs come back ok. I really don’t want to pay more visits “out of pocket” and be “uninsured.” I really don’t like that. Now I had a glimpse into the lives of America’s uninsured, and I feel for them.

Eat an apple a day, to keep the doctor away!

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