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   Sep 01

Excuse me, Where’s the Post Office?

Dear Glenwick,

Hello Neighbor! I hope all is well and this letter finds you! I say that because it’s been an adventure to find the Post Office here in the community.

I went down our street to the corner, where they have some shops and they had this little sign:

I was so happy that we have one so close to home! So I walk around the shops and look for a Post Office. None to be found! While walking back to the car, I noticed the Party Store had the same logo on sticker on the door, so I walked in. Lo & Behold! There was a small setup in the corner for a Post Office.

The owner was inflating some party balloons and asked if I needed any help. I said I wanted to weigh and mail my letter. “We don’t open that for another two weeks,” he said. When asked where another Post Office was, he mentioned a street name in downtown, and I didn’t know where that was. Then, he states, “There’s one in the Home Depot shopping area, near I-75.” “Home Depot?” “Yeah, it’s not in Home Depot, but in a store like this, similar setup,” he replied.

OK, so next stop, The Forum. A cluster of shops with Home Depot, Target, Ross, Books a Million, well, you get the picture. So I go in that direction, and when I arrived, I again found the logo. This time, in front of “Get Your Paint On” – a pottery store where you can paint. Oh, and buy postage.

Wow, brought me back to the old pioneer days – if there wasn’t so much pottery around. I would imagine something like Little House, and going into the general store, buying some bread and delivering/picking up the mail. Meanwhile, the store owner would deliver it to the stage coach driver.

Anyways, it was simple and cute. You have all the basics of a real Post Office without the lines. You have options of a few mailing supplies, the flat-rate boxes, stamps, and even a greeter to Welcome you in. Very personable.

Apparently, these little Post Office’s inside a local business are called CPU – a Contract Postal Unit. A branch of the Post Office where a local business is a contractor. I’ve never seen one before, but I guess I’ll accept it. Besides, there were no lines. How nice is that? I just wonder how it’ll be when it’s holiday season. Might get a little crowded. I guess at that point, I can wait in line and paint my new pottery mug.

Well Glen, let me know if you get this! I sure hope the mail system around here works. I’ve got more and more letters to write! I need to finish up on all those thank-you cards!


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