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   Sep 10


Hiya Glenwick!!

Thanks for introducing us to Fred! She’s so spiderlishy sweet!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m on the way to the library again. I’ve decided to join a book club – Books & Bites. I started the book club with my good friend Sarah, who lives in Austin, so we’re on a mission to recruit a few more readers and also start up that blog. Every month we’ll read a book and by the 10th day of the month, we’ll share it with you. Also, some tasty treats as well!
I just finished the first two books in Anne Canadeo’s series – “While My Pretty One Knits” and “Knit, Purl, Die.” Basically two books centered around five women who are in a knitting group called “The Black Sheep Knitters” and get involved within a murder mystery in their small town. As the story of the murder unfolds, the city is tied up in knots and the women chat about it over knitting and food. Both books are an easy read, and go fairly quickly.

In the first book, “While My Pretty One Knits,” one of the ladies in the group is a suspect for the murder, and the other women try to solve the mystery, knowing she was not involved. I was able to solve the ending fairly quickly of “who done it?” before the knitters did!

In “Knit, Purl, Die,” another murder takes place (this time a member of the knitters club) and it was more tricky to solve with a lot of unanswered questions in the end. Ms. Canadeo was probably in a hurry to finish the second, perhaps pressured by her publisher? Who knows?

I’ve looked, but it doesn’t seem there is another book to continue the story , and I’m not sure if I’ll even look into it. Both books I will rate 3 Star. Not something I care to really pick up again. Kuddos to the author for including at the end of the book, food recipes that the ladies eat during their meals and also knitting designs/templates for the projects mentioned.

The one thing the books did peek my interest is my old hobby of knitting. Now.. where is my yarn and knitting bag?

Have you seen it ? I guess I have my own mystery to solve.


**Star Rating**
2 – Horrible
4 – OK, but not reading that again!
6 – Peeked my interest.
8 – Very good read. Would reccomend to a friend.
10 – Awesome. Loved it. Read it twice, or at least could.

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