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   Oct 29

Dexter 2

I just finished Dearly Devoted Dexter, the sequel to Lindsay’s first novel. We continue the life of Dexter Morgan, a forensic lab geek who also has a darker side. Remember – he is a serial killer that kills serial killers. In this novel, we dive deeper into Dexter’s fabricated personage especially after one of his co-workers, Sergeant Doakes starts to question his identity. Once Sgt. Doakes starts stalking and following Dexter around, Dex needs to lay low on the killings and turns to his ordinary life of using his girlfriend Rita as a disguise. We watch as Dexter becomes a “family man” by interacting with Rita and her children, sitting on the couch and drinking a beer daily, and going out to lunches with his sister, Deborah, and her boyfriend, Kyle. Meanwhile, when a Cuban serial killer is on the loose in Miami, with a targeted hit-list that includes Kyle and Sgt. Doakes, Dexter is forced to join in the search. Is Dexter devoted to this cause? Or will he be able to get rid of Sgt. Doakes for good?

“We might as well take a look,” I told her, and I hope I didn’t sound too eager. In truth, I was anxious to see anything that could create this kind of reaction in Miami Cops. Sergeant Doakes might very well prevent me from doing anything of my own, but he couldn’t stop by from admiring somone else’s creativity. After all, it was my job, and shouldn’t we enjoy our work?

~ from the novel, when the Cuban’s first killing appears in the novel ~

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