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All because two people fell in Love.

   Oct 07


Finished reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter, which is the first book in a series by J. Lindsay. Here we are introduced to Dexter Morgan, a ‘lab geek cop’ who is a serial killer. Sounds wrong, huh? Well, he’s supposed to be the “good guy” because he just happens to kill other serial killers.
He was adopted and raised by a Miami Cop, Harry. Harry realized when Dexter was young that he had these “tendencies” that leaned toward becoming a serial killer. Therefore, Harry instilled a “Plan” which helped him control these tendencies and work for the “better good” ~ basically teaching him how to find, stalk, kill, and clean up, all without being caught.
It’s definitely peaked my interest, but probably not one I will read again. Especially since Showtime picked it up and made a TV series on it. I will however, continue reading the series.

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