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   Sep 05

Met and Central Park

New York City – Day #3. Today we headed to the Metropolitan Museum and saw some of their exhibits – the museum is huge – thus we couldn’t see everything! Here is Dennis showing us the Egyptian Exhibit.

We also got to see some American Era and the Medivel Weapons.

 If you have a chance to go to the Met – don’t forget to check out the rooftop for one of the city’s views! After we looked at some Art we had lunch with another of my old nursing school friends – Gretchen! After lunch, we headed to Central Park and took a wonderful tour.

After touring Central Park with Gretchen, we headed to Rockefellar Plaza ,while window shopping on 5th Avenue!

At the end of the night – we met my friend Jamie (from Houston!) in Times Square! We met at the Hershey’s Store and had a quick chat. Sadly, we couldn’t hang out more – since she was with family and her plane left in 6 hours!

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