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   Mar 21

German Continues – 2B

It’s been a while since I’ve last mentioned German Class, but I am still going faithfully every Wednesday. It’s been getting harder as we keep learning more. We’ve jumped into the “Perfekt” Tense – which means ‘I have done’ – or as Wiki describes it:
“The perfect can refer to events in the past that have been finished (such as “He has already eaten dinner”) as well as events that are ongoing (such as “He had been working on this novel for a year” or “He has composed operas for twenty years”); all are characterized by continued relevance to the speaker at the time of perspective. ” (Source:
Yikes. It’s been tense indeed – pun intended.
I’ve been a flip-flopper as far as continuing to learn the language. On one hand it’s improving my mind, my connections with others, and on the other hand, I sometimes think – “Why Bother?” I think I need to find the root reason why I started to learn and find little things to make the learning more fun. Sometimes it gets too rough and I just want to be done with it… but if I did more to incorporate it into my daily life versus waiting for Wednesday’s, then I might enjoy it more.

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