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   Apr 02


Can you believe 1/4 of the Year has gone by?!? It’s been going so fast! Crazy.
Just to think  – next time this month, Sebastian starts to take his Finals.. then Graduation… then Summer… Whew, I’m already seeing this month and next zooming past us.

Reviewing my Blog ~ I’ve come to chuckle at how our life has changed so much.
In the past – 2010 it was more related to Our Home life, Food and Florida.

In 2011 – We focused on ourselves, with our Goals for that Year ~ mainly Weightloss and Traveling.
This year – 2012 , I’ve tried to focus on this year’s Goals ~ but it seems like it’s been a lot more of Our Furbabies. It’s been a full house – that’s for sure! With the addition of Daisy, she’s definitely taken up more of our time.
I really need to get back on track and focus on my 2012 Goals —
Focus on the Positive, Be Kinder,
Work on My Photo Albums,
Be more Creative with my Cards,
and Plan my Girl’s Weekend!

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