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   Aug 23

Typical Wednesday

Wednesday’s are my longest days ever.
And I mean – ever.

I get up – go to work, WAIT for 2 hours, then go to German class for another 2 & 1/2 hours.

Sometimes I break up the day, like I did today and go out while waiting for class to start. Today I joined my friends Lynn and Melissa and went to the Tanger Outlets. Melissa was able to find some nice shirts so she can change up her wardrobe. Lynn and I were her stylists. hehe

Although I still enjoy learning German – it’s becoming more difficult. Especially being in the middle of the week and my Wednesday’s just feel so long. By the time I drive home from German – I feel I should be tucked in bed!

So, after today, I have 8 more German classes – which will end by Oct 31.

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