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   May 01

5 Months in May

Today we enter the 5th Month!!
Abigail is truly a wonderful joy in our lives. Let’s see …
She has started to sit up more – she enjoys time in her Bumbo and Saucer. She loves to play with different toys that have different textures. She has learned to pick up things and pass from hand to hand.

She is happy when you act silly with her and make funny faces, noises or different laughs.
She is unhappy when people make quick, harsh and loud words (Ex: when we get mad at Daisy or if someone sneezes) especially if the environment was calm right before. She sleeps through the night – aleluja!
She is easily distracted, when breastfeeding she now pulls away and starts to try to see the world around her (turn on the ceiling fan and she’s in a trance). If someone talks or walks into the room, she wants to know who it is.
She has started to show interest in real food – she looks at it, smells it, tries to touch it ! (We might start something this month).

She has her mood swings, somedays she is patient, quiet and then other days she is very agitated and cries a lot (we think it’s food related / gassiness / etc).

Growth –
She is growing tall! At 4 months – she is wearing 6 month (and even some 9 month!) Outfits.
She has upgraded to a new diaper size starting now – we’re using up the old ones.

Things to look forward to this upcoming month –
1. Piercing years
2. Possibly trying real food
3. A playdate with other babies

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