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   Jun 01

June Bug

*** 6 Months  Old *** 1/2 Year Old *** Growing Up ***
How time is flying by. Seems like life has been on the accelerator mode for a while, and now we are at 6 Months of Age! How crazy how time just flies by when you are having fun, moving forward and being so busy! 
Update on My Little One:
Abigail has started to sit up more – she’s not on her own just yet, but needs a little support. It’s very little compared to last month though. She now just need s a wee hand on her. As for motor skills she is doing fantastic, she holds things in her hands, is able to transfer from hand to hand, and also is picking things up and playing with them.  She’s also able to grab and hold on to toys that I hand to her. She’s able to keep herself entertained for about a 1/2 hour – if she has a toy she plays with it, and she also talks to herself.
She’s been trying out her differet voices! 
Soon after Mother’s Day – she said Mama and Papa! However, those have taken a back corner and I haven’t heard them recently. Abi is talking — a lot! Especially to people she knows and “hangs” out with on a regular basis. I predict she’ll be a “Shy Kid” when she first meets people but then she’ll become an extrovert. We will see if this comes true. Her babble is so cute, but then when she’s really excited it starts to sound like a screech / baby scream … but it’s in a happy way – not in the baby cry-scream phase. What’s funny is when we are around new people all day and she’s quiet, once we get home she’s telling me stories of her whole day. 
She’s a happy baby. 
Everyone says so. She loves , loves to smile at others. 
She’s laughing – and it’s the cutest thing when you are on a roll and can make her laugh for a few minutes. 
Her favorite game is BOO. 
She’s interested.
She loves to go out and observe others, she pays close attention. She seems to capture every moment. 
She looks around and can’t stay still. She’s the new wiggle worm.
Last Month 
1. She got her ears pierced
2. Tried Rice Cereal 
3. Didn’t have a play group
Things to Look Forward to in June
1. Mommy & Daddy Daycare
2. Visit from Tio Nando and Tia
3. Being a Big Girl and going to Daycare
4. Spending time at the beach ? Maybe
5. Try new foods!

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