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   Jul 01

July – already ?!

Well, June was a Rough Road for Abi – and the family. She had a few days with Mama and Papa – while her Grams and Grandpa went on vacation. We then had an international visit from Brasil! Then we started Daycare … and things went downhill from there. She got sick and for the majority of the month was battling it. We though it was getting better, then it got worse, then we got the news she had an ear infection. She started some new foods – but not really. She ate some banana, which she wasn’t the biggest fan. Later we tried some carrots – store bought, where it’s super fine. Again – not the biggest of eaters. Mainly continues to have breastmilk – which this last week she’s been having to use some of the freezer milk, since I got sick and then because of my antibiotics, I pumped and dumped, while she drank freezer milk in bottles. Hopefully as we enter the month of July she returns easily to the Boob. We never got a chance to go the beach – so maybe we can try to plan that in July.

Some of her biggest changes – 
She talks a lot ! She’s been saying MAMA a lot these days. It’s also beginning to sound like PAPA. 
She is a big observer , super interested- she likes to pay attention and then try to mimic. 
She knows her name. If you call her Abi , she looks for you.
She’s a wiggle worm! She’s been able to turn from tummy to back and back to tummy. I imagine crawling is coming soon! She’s also started to sleep on her tummy a lot! Sometimes I would walk in after a nap and she’s totally flipped, her feet are where her head once was and she’s on her tummy.
She’s sitting , but still with some assistance. I think by the end of the month she’ll be on her own.
If you hand her something, she grabs on to it – and then attempts to put it in her mouth. 
However – with food, she’s being a little dramatic. 
Dramatic – she’s got the facial expressions down. From happy to sad – to a sickly cry, she knows how to tear at your heart strings. She also plays the game of crying or seeking attention – and then when you pick her up, she’s happy as a clam and just wants to be held.

She continues to sleep through the night, which is a huge blessing. We are so thankful that even when ill she could sleep. She’s such a happy, go lucky kiddo. She is very calm natured. What we look forward to in July:
1. Abigail’s First Fourth!
2. More words
3. More foods!
4. Beach Day?

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