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   Aug 02

August Abi & Minnie

8 Months Ago Abi joined us = Crazy how fast time is flying.

Abi is so active these days – she’s truly a sweetheart.
She’s so good. So , so Good! She’s a real trooper.

I’m so proud of her! She’s out in public and well mannered (haha! Is it possible?!) She’s quiet, reserved, tentative and very observant. I think if I say “No!” ~ she even understands me!

Abi’s started July on antibiotics for her ear infections – which resolved! She was at Daycare for all days (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday’s). She didn’t get ill – she did have a few days of runny nose, but it didn’t turn into anything worse. She enjoyed her Daycare days and made some friends. She’s been learning to sit up more and unassisted!

We enjoyed Abigail’s first 4th of July – although, it was my Holiday to work and we just BBQ’d at home and then watched the Fireworks on TV. She’s saying more words, but nothing very coherent yet. Lots of babbling. She’s tried lots of foods! She’s been eating solid baby foods – she’s eaten carrots, green beans, peas, squash, sweet potatoes .. and is loving it! We never made it to the beach.. but that’s too come! We made it to the pool a lot more and she’s really enjoying that. She’s going to be a fish soon!

Looking forward to this month in August:
1. Crawling?
2. Teething?
3. Pool days!

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