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   Aug 06

Random Rambles

Lots to do, lots to think about.

Aside from Abigail joining us, Moving was one of the biggest things this year. Apart from one guest – we are close to done of “showing it.” What I mean by “showing it” isn’t to “show off” – but just to invite people and show them how far we’ve come and reasons why we moved. (Not that we need to justify it in any way- but just to give people a better perspective of our world). It’ll be nice to one day be settled and just … relax! 
Relaxing is a little tough this year – for me relaxing means to wake up , go to the pool, take a walk, enjoy the day doing whatever. However, those things on my list also means Abi is included and sometimes it’s a little effort or work to do (then it’s not very relaxing). 
The rest of the year will go by super fast – lots to plan. Lots of fun. 
1. Marlo’s Bridal Shower
2. Firm Retreat
3. Bday Celebration
4. Abi’s Baptism
5. Visit from Germany 
6. Thanksgiving
7. Abi’s Bday
8. Visit from Brasil
9. Christmas! 
10. New Year’s

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