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   Sep 01

September Update



Our little munchkin – is not so little anymore! Abi’s turning 9 months old and I can’t believe how time is flying by! Can you believe that she’s been 9 months in my Belly and 9 months out in the real world? She’s growing up so fast and learning lots. She has now enjoyed to learn to clap her hands, wave, and likes to bite or taste everything!

Last month she was sitting more unassisted – now we can officially let her sit on her own without worries. Recently – I caught her crawling! Did you see the home video? She is so darn cute! She’s also learning to stand – and if we put her in the playpen or crib she can stand holding on to the side for a good long time (sometimes ~ 15 minutes!)

She likes to play with her “Ducky” – and he can be seen an many photos. (Such an easy toy to keep her occupied!) She has good finger control , can pick up a lot of toys, play with it, move it from one hand to the other. She likes her rattle, and keep busy putting anything in her mouth.

A small tooth is peeking through!

A small tooth is peeking through!

She’s started to eat a lot more. We began to feed her baby food twice a day – once at Daycare and her normal dinner at night when we get home. She has started to teeth – and her first one bothers her a lot at night – which means Daddy and Mommy are up , but she’s learning to self-soothe at night.

Still no new words – the newest is BABA – which we have translated to “Buh bye!” – but we’re still not sure … Still lots of babbling. What I love is how she sometimes just sits there, waves her arms about as if she is still be a wonderful story. It’s really special – and I feel she’s got a lot to share with me.

August we planned for more pool days – which we did a few. Never made it to the beach – but we do have a get-away planned in September. In September we got a lot of activities planned on the weekends, so it’ll be a busy month! Lots of socializing. We plan to be more structured in our days – we will be having Daycare everyday – Monday to Friday. She’ll eat , play and sleep there, and then once we are home, my goals are to eat dinner, watch the German Tag Show, play , practice standing, and reading time. I think my new goal will be languages and brain development! Lots of learning!


Some of her likes:
1. Carrots
2. Pool Days
3. Clapping
4. Standing
5. Playing Airplane
6. Her Ducky
7. Other babies

Some of her Dis-likes:
1. Napping in the quiet
2. Thunder
3. Not like being bored – she wants to know what’s going on!
4. Strangers
5. Grapefruit and Lemons!

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