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   Oct 02

10 Month


Our little one is now 10 months old. She’s not so little anymore-she’s almost 20 pounds and pretty tall. She is wearing 6 to 9 months clothing and a size 3 diapers going on size 4.

I think we’re going to skip the crawling stage and go from scooting to standing. She’s always the Wiggleworm, just like this photo above she couldn’t sit lay still so she had to sit. She stands a lot with assistance and has practiced walking with mommy and daddy. She’s getting braver each day without holding onto something, But we are still there for support.
She got her first Shoes with Minnie Mouse and hot pink!

“Dada” Is her favorite toy ! Sebastian was sad when he realized that “Dada” — was actually duckie!!

Abi still talks a lot and she likes to share some stories especially after a long day at daycare.. She still likes to wave , especially waving when she says goodbye to somebody! She’s learning to kiss, and leans in for them!

September was a very busy month – we got to experience lots of new things and got to travel twice. The first time was to Marco Island where we enjoyed a few days at the beach but mainly enjoy the pool. The second big trip was the “30th birthday Cruise celebration” which we ended up going to the Bahamas !! Abi got her first stamp on her passport -what a great trip!

October will be a nice month. We start the first weekend with Abi’s baptism. Her godparents Dennis and Melissa will be there on her special day. Later in the month , her uncle Thomas and auntie Leisaan will be here to visit. We plan to enjoy the Fall as the Season begins to change. We plan to take it easy, stay around the house, and enjoy the pumpkin patch at Lakes park. We are still undecided for Halloween that Abi will have her first outfit. It’s To be determined.

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