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   Jan 08

Abi at 13 Months

Abi is already 1 year + 1 month!

Where has the time gone! Well, so many parties and events this last month, it’s sure kept us busy. She’s been such a good kiddo! It’s weird – for the last year I’ve pulled out the camera any time the 1st and the 8th of the month rolled around. The 1st of the month I would do the “Abi and Minnie” post. On the 8th, our Big Bear Roberta would come out and take a photo with Abi. I’ve been glad to stop all the photos, but it’s also been sad to not right a little something. So let me do that now.

Abi has been busy with events – from her Bday to Christmas to NYE. She’s had a busy time at daycare, still learning a lot.
She continues to talk a lot – even started to mimic my song “Deck the Halls – fa la la ” She’s eating a lot – and we’re officially on food and freezer milk. She’s getting more adventurous – she’s standing without support! Soon she’ll walk !! Right now she still uses her walking toys, but she’s an explorer! She loves to follow me and look to see what I’m up to. She also is pretty good about finding things to open and close!

Sadly, this last week she has had a virus with cough… Hopefully she’ll kick it and get better fast!

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