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   May 04

5 Months

wow … WOW … whoa!

Where is the time going? My baby boy is going on 5 months! That’s crazy.

Ben likes to eat , play and sleep. He goes on walks with Memaw and Pepaw.

Movement- Ben’s able to sit with assistance, likes to be upright more than laying down. He can flip from tummy to back – and he’s really fast when doing it. He waves his arms around a lot. He likes to pick up things and put into his mouth. He gets startled with loud noises.

Intelligence- Such a smart kiddo – not much cooing, but that’s because he likes to watch with wonderment. (or maybe because we learned he is tongue tied)

Looks- Handsome little fella , everyone seems to say so ! He’s very cute and likes to smile – a lot!

Eats- right now only breastmilk .. Has tried some Rice cereal but then MD suggests not to eat until 6 months! We shall see , Ben shows a lot of interest in food. He sits and watches us at dinner table from his highchair.

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