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   Jun 01

Ben Month 6

Movement- Ben is Full of energy! I’ve heard him labeled as the “Energizer Bunny” – because he keeps going and going and going!! Ben has started to sit unassisted! He is practicing doing push ups and lounges when he’s on his belly.. Crawaling will be next! When you hold him -he is pure movement so be prepared! 

Intelligence- He is starting to vocalize a lot more, but still a learner by watching. He shows a lot of interest in what his Big sister Abi does! 

Looks- Handsome as ever. Little hair and his skin still dry , part of the Excema.  Weighs in at about 20 lbs and so tall! Outgrowing some 6-9 mth clothes and by next month will probably start on his other wardrobe! Still size 3 diapers. 

Eats- Breastmilk still primary -! About 6 feedings total. Night time he has 1-2 feeds, but we think it might be related to teething. He has a lunch and dinner baby food by Gerber. So far doing really good with the solids! Only bad thing is that his poop has changed and comes every 1-2 days! 

He has tried:

  • Bananas
  • Sweet potato
  • Hawaiian delight
  • Prunes


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