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   Aug 10

August- 8 Days Late

I’ve been delayed on updating for Benny on Milestones- so here it is 8 Days Late for Month 8! 

Movement – Benny has officially crawled!! He also likes to pull himself up and has started to furniture walk. This little bunny is fast! He’s also learned to “blow bubbles/raspberry” from Grandpa! 

Intelligence -starting to say a few more words. Very small short words like “Ba” .. Ben has also said ” Ahh -B!” (Aug 1!). In the last 8 Days since August started it also seems like Ben is saying “Dada.”

Looks- Cute as ever ! Weighs more than 21 lb, wears size 3 diapers, and 6-9 month clothes (some 12 month!). Ben’s mucocele is still growing – plans to remove it this month. 

(Within last 8 days mucocele was removed and tongue tie  was snipped)

Eats- Majority breastmilk from the left boob. Righty has stopped. Mama’s choice… Ben continues to eat some Gerber fruits and veggies.

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