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   Oct 11

Benny @ 10 Month

Movement – Our own little ‘Speedy Gonzalez’! He’s a super fast knee crawler. Benny’s furniture walk is crazy fast- almost a run! Benny also is taking chances and trying to stand on his own. On Oct 3 he even took a step! Currently he takes a step then goes down to his knee- scootch crawl.

Intelligence – when given a chance – a talker. He likes “dah” , “bah” , dada and mama. He has also started “Hi!” We think the “bah” is “buh bye” and he likes to wave too! 

Looks – Tall , brown eyes and his blonde hair is growing more! He’s got a bit of ‘Fuzz’.. He’s also got two bottom teeth! Wears size 3 diapers ( has tried the 4’s!) and 6/9 and 12 month outfits (depends on brand). 

Eats- Benny continues to nurse from the left boob! He also has learned to take breastmilk from the bottle due to going to Daycare. He also is now taking 1-2 Gerber foods. He also is doing great munching on Cheerios and yogurt bites. Ben also likes a sippy cup of water time to time. 

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