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   Nov 20

11 Months

Movement – he keeps going and going and going … In the beginning of October – Ben took a step then would sit ! Then he took a couple of steps by himself <on our beach trip> and by the end of the weekend took 5! Benny now walks room to room ! He’s pretty fast and ready to run soon. He’s gotten a few nicknames – Energizer Bunny , Bam Bam and bubby. Benny also likes to pick up things and move everything around! He always has a sense of curiousity and opens up a lot of drawers and cupboards. Time to childproof a few things! 

Intelligence – Such a smarty ! Not yet much of a talker but we know he understands a lot! He continues to wave buh bye and even hi5’s now! I love it when he plays peekAboo too. He’s got such a sweet personality and loves to be tickled behind his ears.

Looks – Tall, blonde & handsome. Has 4 toothies!  Our own little guy wears 9-12 month clothes and size 3-4 diapers. 

Eats- Primarily still on breastmilk , and gerber food.He likes his Cheerios , crackers and puffs. We Gotta try a few more items! 

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