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   Jul 14

Abi 3.5 years


Normal day – you wake, dress and run for breakfast .. Usually cereal. You like clusters. You then (Don’t) enjoy your day at school. Once home we eat dinner , play , ni ni milk and then beddy time. You need a bow and then You like 5 min with the light on. Once lights are off you like your star lights on. 

You are so picky with food .. You eat just about anything that has carbs and sugar! You eat a lot of MacNCheese, goldfish and animal crackers.  You love sweets! Always wanting dessert.

You are officially potty trained during day time (even thru nap!). I am so proud of you. 

You understand so much & you are connecting the dots! 

Tantrums are no fun. You kinda scream and cry. If you get really mad you get loud! 

You are tough. 

You like to care for Benny and sometimes pat his back a lill too hard! You do watch out for him! 

You are so sweet and you love to laugh. I love you. Mom

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