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   Jan 08

Abi at 13 Months

Abi is already 1 year + 1 month! Where has the time gone! Well, so many parties and events this last month, it’s sure kept us busy. She’s been such a good kiddo! It’s weird – for the last year I’ve pulled out the camera any time the 1st and the 8th of the month […]

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   Dec 08

Party Day

Today Abi turned the Big One.

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   Dec 01

Year One

The Big One Abi is going to be One in One Week! Wow! How time has flown by!! She’s so adorable and is such a joy in our lives. So much has changed for us! Stats: Height- Weight- Teeth – officially 4; 2 on top and 2 on bottom- 2 more breaking thru Clothes – […]

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   Nov 01

Abi less than a year old!

The final countdown has started. After this month – Abi will no longer be less than a year old. We are in the process of Party Planning for the big day. So much to do for our little One who’s turning the Big One! Let’s first share what’s been going on this last month. Our […]

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   Oct 02

10 Month

Our little one is now 10 months old. She’s not so little anymore-she’s almost 20 pounds and pretty tall. She is wearing 6 to 9 months clothing and a size 3 diapers going on size 4. I think we’re going to skip the crawling stage and go from scooting to standing. She’s always the Wiggleworm, […]

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   Sep 01

September Update

  Our little munchkin – is not so little anymore! Abi’s turning 9 months old and I can’t believe how time is flying by! Can you believe that she’s been 9 months in my Belly and 9 months out in the real world? She’s growing up so fast and learning lots. She has now enjoyed […]

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   Aug 02

August Abi & Minnie

8 Months Ago Abi joined us = Crazy how fast time is flying. Abi is so active these days – she’s truly a sweetheart.She’s so good. So , so Good! She’s a real trooper. I’m so proud of her! She’s out in public and well mannered (haha! Is it possible?!) She’s quiet, reserved, tentative and […]

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   Jul 01

July – already ?!

Well, June was a Rough Road for Abi – and the family. She had a few days with Mama and Papa – while her Grams and Grandpa went on vacation. We then had an international visit from Brasil! Then we started Daycare … and things went downhill from there. She got sick and for the […]

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   Jun 01

June Bug

*** 6 Months  Old *** 1/2 Year Old *** Growing Up *** Yikes!  How time is flying by. Seems like life has been on the accelerator mode for a while, and now we are at 6 Months of Age! How crazy how time just flies by when you are having fun, moving forward and being […]

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   May 01

5 Months in May

Today we enter the 5th Month!!Abigail is truly a wonderful joy in our lives. Let’s see …She has started to sit up more – she enjoys time in her Bumbo and Saucer. She loves to play with different toys that have different textures. She has learned to pick up things and pass from hand to […]

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