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   Apr 12

Beach Day

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   Mar 22

Barefoot Beach

Today we went with Gramma Lulu to Barefoot beach! What a beautiful day!!

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   Mar 16

Vanderbilt Beach

Enjoyed Vanderbilt Beach today with Gram and Grandpa!! Abi, you were so scared of the sand!! You barely wanted anything to do with it, and when you touched you walked on it, you came right to Mama or Papa to hold you! Hopefully, you’ll get used to it and enjoy it!

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   Oct 03

Texas Friends

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   Sep 15

Abi’s Day ; Her First Trip

       Today was Abi’s first day on Marco Island – we got to enjoy the pool and then later the beach. Abi’s first time in the water! She wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but it was a nice day that ended beautifully with a spectacular sunset.

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   Sep 14


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   Nov 11

Visiting the Area

Today we enjoyed the company of Sebastian’s Uncle and Aunt from Germany!  We showed the different sites – from Sebastian’s Universities to his new place of work and then later the Naples Beach, where we had lunch. Afterwards we showed them our neighborhood, enjoyed the afternoon and had dinner at our house.

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   Oct 28

A Day Out

My Uncle and Aunt are here!  They made it to SW Florida – around 1 PM in the afternoon.  We had a small get-together at our home, and then took a tour.  We ended up showing them the area and ended the evening watching the sunset at the Naples Pier.  It was great seeing them! 

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   Sep 03

Ending of a great trip..

 We woke up early on Labor Day – so happy to have it off and enjoy this wonderful view! Check out the Full Moon. We enjoyed the morning at the beach, even took our Breakfast to have it on the beach. Later, we drove off.  Heading home –  to face reality.

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   Sep 03

Sunday Eve

 Another beautiful ending to another wonderful day. 

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