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   Nov 20

11 Months

   Movement – he keeps going and going and going … In the beginning of October – Ben took a step then would sit ! Then he took a couple of steps by himself <on our beach trip> and by the end of the weekend took 5! Benny now walks room to room ! He’s […]

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   Oct 11

Benny @ 10 Month

Movement – Our own little ‘Speedy Gonzalez’! He’s a super fast knee crawler. Benny’s furniture walk is crazy fast- almost a run! Benny also is taking chances and trying to stand on his own. On Oct 3 he even took a step! Currently he takes a step then goes down to his knee- scootch crawl. […]

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   Aug 10

August- 8 Days Late

I’ve been delayed on updating for Benny on Milestones- so here it is 8 Days Late for Month 8!  Movement – Benny has officially crawled!! He also likes to pull himself up and has started to furniture walk. This little bunny is fast! He’s also learned to “blow bubbles/raspberry” from Grandpa!  Intelligence -starting to say […]

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   Jul 01

7 Months!

It’s crazy how time is flying by! Ben is 7 months!!  Movement- the beat goes on… Still full of energy, our little “Benny” as Abi calls him is sweet as ever. Such a calm, happy bubbly boy! He loves to laugh and have a good time. Ben is super strong. He has been sitting unassisted […]

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   Jun 01

Ben Month 6

  Movement- Ben is Full of energy! I’ve heard him labeled as the “Energizer Bunny” – because he keeps going and going and going!! Ben has started to sit unassisted! He is practicing doing push ups and lounges when he’s on his belly.. Crawaling will be next! When you hold him -he is pure movement […]

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   May 04

5 Months

wow … WOW … whoa! Where is the time going? My baby boy is going on 5 months! That’s crazy. Ben likes to eat , play and sleep. He goes on walks with Memaw and Pepaw. Movement- Ben’s able to sit with assistance, likes to be upright more than laying down. He can flip from […]

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   Apr 09

Ben at 4 Months


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   Mar 03

My Little Marcher

Benjamin is now entering his 3rd Month!! What a cutie pie! He’s starting to laugh and giggle and is so darn cute! He’s also a wiggle worm which reminds me of all his kicks in my tummy just a few months ago!  He’a growing a lot and already wearing 3-6 month clothes abd Size 2 […]

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   Feb 02

Month 2

a boy and his puppy  Ben has been through a lot this last month – especially having spent a week at the Hospital. 

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   Jan 02

Day #23 -Start of January

Ben is now 3 weeks old. He’s mainly still eating, pooping, and sleeping. He’s been sleeping for 4-5 hours at a time. He’s starting to wake more and stare at items. He’s such a good baby! So sweet and cuddly.

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