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   Mar 26

Back in Action!

We’re back !! It’s been a while since my friend Sarah and I started the Book Club. We read a few books and then stopped. We just discussed we need to get back into reading for pleasure.Now, we plan to start it up again. This month we’re reading The Hunger Games. (Yes, we’re interested to see what the […]

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   Nov 23

Reading is Fun!!

November’s reading was a flop – the Books and Bites Book Club had chosen The Imperfectionists to read. However, with work schedules and visitors from Texas, it was really difficult to get involved in this book , plus I ended up with an overdue fine at the library. Therefore, the Book Club members chose a […]

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   Oct 29

Dexter 2

I just finished Dearly Devoted Dexter, the sequel to Lindsay’s first novel. We continue the life of Dexter Morgan, a forensic lab geek who also has a darker side. Remember – he is a serial killer that kills serial killers. In this novel, we dive deeper into Dexter’s fabricated personage especially after one of his […]

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   Oct 13

October Book Review

For the Books and Bites Club – we just read Undressing the Moon by T. Greenwood. A story related to Piper, a young 30 year old diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Yet, that’s not her only story. Through the pages of this novel, we learn how the departure of her mother at a young age, is […]

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   Oct 07


Finished reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter, which is the first book in a series by J. Lindsay. Here we are introduced to Dexter Morgan, a ‘lab geek cop’ who is a serial killer. Sounds wrong, huh? Well, he’s supposed to be the “good guy” because he just happens to kill other serial killers. He was adopted […]

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   Sep 11

Next Book – October’s Reading

In honor of Breast Cancer Awarenessmonth in October, the next book in Books & Bites Club will be Undressing the Moon, by T. Greenwood.

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   Sep 10


Hiya Glenwick!! Thanks for introducing us to Fred! She’s so spiderlishy sweet! Just wanted to let you know that I’m on the way to the library again. I’ve decided to join a book club – Books & Bites. I started the book club with my good friend Sarah, who lives in Austin, so we’re on […]

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