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   Jun 10

Date Drinks

Before & After

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   Oct 18

Movie Night

My Love, Baby Boy and furbabies- watched Contagion.

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   Mar 30

It Rained

So we went to the movies – Sebastian and I saw The Monuments Men.

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   Jan 26

Date Night

Planning for Date Night takes effort. First, you need to find some willing baby-sitters. In this case, I asked my Mom earlier in the week and then confirmed again today. Second, you need to plan what the timing will be – what are the plans? Will I be gone long enough that I need to cover […]

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   Jul 16

Seb and Ted

While I was away this weekend Sebastian went to the movies and saw Ted. Then, he decided to buy the Baby a Teddy Bear. 

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   Jan 06


Today I went with my parents to the Library and then to the Cinema. We saw War Horse, which is a very nice movie. I feel like I haven’t seen a movie in –forever! haha, I seriously can’t recall the last one? Perhaps it was the Harry Potter Finale? Anyways, it’s nice to see a […]

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   Oct 01

The Help

Today I headed out to see the movie – The Help. Overall, the movie was good, but I think previews have ruined it for me. Most of the funny parts I had already seen. The movie had a good story-line to it, and I’m sure it really depicted the Mississippi South in the 1960’s. I’d give it […]

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   Aug 07

Harry Potter – Finale!

Tonight was Date Night! We went out to eat and then followed with the 3D movie – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Part 2. The ending of a great series. I thought the movie was great – and stuck to the book. Going to the movies is such a wonderful experience. However, when one […]

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   May 16


It was raining a lot this morning and we decided to meet up once again with Patty and Bill for a movie – Bridesmaids. Overall — it had it’s good moments which were super funny, but then other parts were drawn out too long, which then made it not so funny. Patty thinks it’s a […]

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   Mar 11

Movie Night

Thank you Sebastian and Patricia for inviting me over to watch the movie – The Social Network with you. The movie was very interesting. It especially brought back memories of my College days when we didn’t have any form of “social media” – yet now, it’s all over the place. From a 5 year old’s […]

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