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   Feb 28

Oscar Sunday

Today is Oscar Sunday! Where The King’s Speech won Best Pictureand Colin Firth Best Male Actor Perhaps I should now see this movie?Have you seen it? Any thoughts? ~Glen~  Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

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   Feb 13

Date Day

What a wonderful day! Today is DATE DAY – meaning, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day early! We spent the day together and had a wonderful date. We got to go down to Naples and saw a movie with a co-worker of mine, Patty and her boyfriend Bill. We saw “Just Go For It” – with Adam […]

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   Nov 28

Harry & The Deathly Hallows

Today, I headed off to the airport and dropped off Dennis – have a safe flight Bro!We’ll miss you! Come back and visit!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry 7 Last night we went to Naples movie theater to watch Part I of Harry and The Deathly Hallows. Overall, it was a really good movie, and it explained everything […]

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   Nov 05

Harry Potter Marathon

We’ve been watching the Harry Potter Movies recently — in anticipation of Book 7 – The Deathly Hallows. Back when we were dating, I made Seb go to movies, and we watched The Half Blood Prince – and he did not understand it at all! Granted – it was a pivotal moment in the series, […]

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   Sep 26

Money Never Sleeps

Hey Glenwick, It’s too bad you couldn’t join us for Movie Night, we went to see Wall St – Money Never Sleeps with Sebastian’s sister. Overall, it was an ok movie. Probably one we won’t see again. This is a sequel, but it carried on as it’s own (meaning, we didn’t need to see the […]

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