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   May 12


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   Dec 20

Cape Coral Boat Parade

Tonight we had the pleasure of joining Roger and Judy for the Cape Coral Boat Parade. They have a beautiful home next to the canals. Every year, the boats decorate with Christmas lights and slowly drive by in a parade. We were fortunate to have a beautiful full moon, good weather (it was chilly though!) […]

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   Nov 22

Prep Work

This weekend House #3914 has been preparing for the First Annual Thanksgiving Dinner! Yey! Horrah!! We went on a long shopping trip — bought lots and lots of food.. and decorations. For decorations we headed off to Old Time Pottery. It’s a huge store – huge! They have everything imaginable. From dishes to linens to […]

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   Oct 23

FGCU Bird Bash

FGCU is the Florida Gulf Coast University, which is located down the street from House #3914. We heard the announcement for the Bird Bash over the radio and decided to check it out, after all, it was a country station and the musicians were country. There was Lee Brice, Jaron & The Long Road to […]

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   Oct 03

Bike Fest

Cape Bike Night was an event hosted in downtown Cape Coral.Basically, attracting many Harley loving biker dudes and dudettes. Looky there – my husband, Sebastian! Not only is his shirt on fire, so is he! He’s got a new flaming love for those bikes! Not only a place to see and be seen, but a […]

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   Sep 27

The Green Gem

Hey Glenwick – Have you been to Lakes Park? We took a stroll there during the afternoon, and enjoyed the park. Well, enjoyed it till we had to run for cover, since the rain came in. We soon left and went out to dinner. Lakes Park is 279 acres, with 158 of those freshwater. It’s […]

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   Sep 23


Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) Located in Ft Myers, FL – the airport is a 30 minute drive from House #3914. It’s a beautiful facility, and although it averages 20,000 passengers a day, it never seems like it. In 2009, it served more than 7.4 Million passengers, thus making it one of the Top 50 […]

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   Sep 13

Doctor’s Visit

Dear Glenwick, Today I went over to the Doctor’s office. No worries, just needed some lab work done. I went to visit Sebastian’s doctor, who works right down the street, less than a 5 minute drive. Overall, he was a nice fellow, but really, I only needed lab work done. Yet, I walked out missing […]

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   Sep 04

The Library

Welcome to Lee County Library I love the library, I love to read books for free. It’s a wonderful system, and it’s so nice to be able to find one in the community here. On Saturday, Sebastian and I went to take a look. I got my library card!! We got some books, Cd’s and […]

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   Sep 01

Excuse me, Where’s the Post Office?

Dear Glenwick, Hello Neighbor! I hope all is well and this letter finds you! I say that because it’s been an adventure to find the Post Office here in the community. I went down our street to the corner, where they have some shops and they had this little sign: I was so happy that […]

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