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   Oct 29

Saturday Breakfast

Dear Abi- I always want to remember this special morning when You set up breakfast and called me out of bed to join in on your party. Love , Mama

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   Dec 31

Abi’s Lessons from 2015

Dear Abi – You are Always my Teacher! Here’s the big lessons you have taught me when you were two:  1. Only take what you can carry back. 2. Accessories are always necessary – take your purse, sunglasses , and phone. 3. Playdates and Parties are great fun.   4. Choosing an outfit takes time […]

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   Jan 29

Meet Abi’s Friend … Abi

Dear Abi, Today before You went to school you said “Bye Mommy!” , “Bye Ben!” , and ” Bye Daisy!” … Then you wanted to say Bye-bye to your friend Abi , so you went to the mirror waved and then gave her a kiss…

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   Jan 01

Abi’s Lessons of 2014

Dear Abi, In 2014 we learned a bit from you. Here’s what we learned: 1. How to use the Hopper on Tv. 2. Always cover your feet, you don’t want to forget your shoes. 3. When you don’t get your way, CRY. 4. Live in the moment – although don’t let emotions rule you too […]

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   Dec 28

Day 18

Dear Abi, Today there was a very sweet moment between you and Ben. Today while nursing Ben, you came up and handed him a toy and said “Ben’s!” I then asked you, “Is that Ben’s toy?” And you said “Yeah.” It was such a sweet moment. Thank you for sharing and giving him a toy […]

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   Aug 16


Abi plays with her Baby. Dear Abi, It’s cute when you give Baby a kiss. It’s not cute when you toss him on the ground.

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   Aug 15


Dear Abi, Today on your ride home, I gave you pair of sunglasses to play with. At first, you cried you couldn’t figure it out.. But once you did, you were smiling cheek to cheek and yelling out “Maaaama! Maaaama!” It was such a nice moment. Love, your happy Maaaama

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   Apr 25

Dada’s picture

Dear Abi, Your Dada has been away on a business trip to Orlando. Tonight at your Godmother’s house , you saw his photo- said Dada and waved. It was too cute. Love, Mama

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   Feb 07

My Pumpkin

Dear Abi , Today at Daycare you were standing, looked up at me and then walked across the room to me. Tonight after dinner, you removed your bib, put it on the dinner table , picked up a napkin and dabbed your mouth. In two days you will be 14 months ! You are growing […]

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   Jan 01

What Abi has taught me in 2013

Dear Abi, You might be little and I’m your mother, but you taught me so much this last year!! Here are my Top 5 things I learned from you: 1. It’s ok to wear Pink, and really — Girls & Mama’s look good in Pink. 2. Smiling is contagious, which can lead to laughter. 3. […]

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