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   Dec 22


Dear Abi, I just wanted to stop, take a moment and remember a few things from today. (FYI / We went shopping for Christmas gifts, but that’s not what I wanted to mention). First, you love music. You bop your head to any tune and have started to “dance” .. mainly shake your booty! It’s […]

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   Jul 02

Happi Abi

Dear Abi , it’s been a rough couple of weeks. You haven’t seemed yourself — until today! I’m so happy to see you chuckle and smile again. I hope this continues and you only grow healthier and stronger as each day passes.  I love you, Mama

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   Jun 09


Dear Abi, Today you didn’t seem like yourself , plus you had the sniffles. It’s sad to see the little Wetness under your nose. I hope you feel better soon. Love , Mama

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