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   Nov 07

First time

First time leaving on a Wednesday and heading home. No German for me tonight.It feels a little weird. :SIt’s been fun while it lasted … I hope to continue learning, but right now – I just need the break.

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   Nov 01

Happy Halloween!

Tonight was my Last German Class.  I’ve decided to take some time off before the Baby comes and try to relax.  You can remember – Wednesday’s are my long days. So tonight – we had a small celebration and one last picture.  It’s been a good group to know and to learn German with.  It’s a sad […]

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   Oct 25


Tonight in German Class – I was surprised at an Oktoberfest / Baby Shower Surprise!  My awesome classmates planned a small feast with gifts for me, It was so nice. Here I am with my teacher Barbara holding up onesies in German!

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   Sep 20

German Speech

Heute sorglos ich , meine Mann ist ein Rechtsanwalt! Ich immer prima fur meine Mann, aber heute eben mehr!

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   Aug 31

Thursday Cards

I got excited when I saw that the Stampin’ Up Franchise not only had some stamps in English – but in German! Now to wait for the Portuguese version to come out..  Time to start making International Cards! 

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   Aug 23

Typical Wednesday

Wednesday’s are my longest days ever.And I mean – ever. I get up – go to work, WAIT for 2 hours, then go to German class for another 2 & 1/2 hours. Sometimes I break up the day, like I did today and go out while waiting for class to start. Today I joined my […]

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   May 10

German class

Tonight was German class – no special news there. We continue along… I think learning a foreign language never ends. yey.

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   Mar 21

German Continues – 2B

It’s been a while since I’ve last mentioned German Class, but I am still going faithfully every Wednesday. It’s been getting harder as we keep learning more. We’ve jumped into the “Perfekt” Tense – which means ‘I have done’ – or as Wiki describes it:   “The perfect can refer to events in the past […]

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   Feb 23

Happy Birthday Barbara!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Today in German Class we celebrated my Professor’s Birthday! 

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   Feb 09

Der Strand / On The Beach

Eines Tages möchte Ich mit mein Mann zum Strand gehen. Wir sitzen uns in dem Sand und Margarita trinken.Ich stehen nicht auf wenn ich nicht muß. Ich möchte Schwimmen und Schnorcheln gehen.Danach lege Ich mich und machen ein Nickerchen.

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