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   Jul 12


German class has been going strong – still reviewing German 1 course. Today we revisited the days of the Woche (week) und die Monate (and the months). We also are brushing up on das Wetter (the weather).     “Wie ist das Wetter Heute?” How is the weather today?

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   Jun 29

German Dinner

Although I had German Class yesterday, I met them once again tonight. One of our classmates, Natalia – is getting married and moving to Koln , Germany! How exciting for her. I brought Sebastian along and we had a nice time. We enjoyed some good German conversation and German food.

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   Jun 21


Monday’s are usually reserved my German Class Post – but this time — I got a huge surprise as I headed into German Class! My parents called stating they were on their way over! Yey!!! Awesome!! So Excited!! Hey, since you’re on your way over here, please bring me the top of this: It’s time […]

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   Jun 14

German 1.5

haha – As I shall call this new class. Right now my German class is on break – while my Professor gathers a new group of interested students to form German 1 again. However, my Professor said we can come and join in for the next 6 weeks if we so choose, that way we […]

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   Jun 06

German Class – The End

Yesterday was our last day in Germany, and we sadly flew back to Florida. As we woke up early, the reality of work set in. Back to the grind we returned. I also had the Ending of my German 2 Course. German 3 will start up again in August. I do have the option to […]

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   May 23

German Class

Guten Abend Patricia ! How are you feeling about your German? Are you learning a lot?? Languages are fun – but you’ll have more fun when you can put it into practice! I bet you can’t wait till you get to Germany and have fun!! Auf Wiedersehen ~ Glenwick

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   May 17

Left or Right?

Rechts–> Image Source –

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   May 10

German 2

Well, it’s been a few weeks now – but we are back to class! I had skipped Easter Monday – since I was in Texas. But I have gone two weeks now and my German is slowly improving! This time, German 2 class has 3 more students, with my original Lawyer and the Wife in […]

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   Apr 12

The 6th Class

Tonight was our last class – and then there were two. Two people were out sick – so it ended up being two of us in class, the other being the Lawyer. We did a general review – and learned a few more new verbs. We also got to make up our own questions , […]

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   Apr 05

Ich lerne Deutsch.

Tonight we learned the verbs: – wollen ( I want to) – moechten (I would like to) – sollen (should) – koennen (can or be able to) – duerfen (be allowed to) – muessen (have to) We were then asked: Was moechtest du in Deutschland? 1. Ich moechte Schnitzel essen. 2. Wir wollen das Heidelberger […]

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