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   Mar 29

Wie ist das Wetter?

Heute ist Montag Abend = Ich bin im Schule. Wie ist das Wetter? How is the weather? Today is German Class day – we’ve reviewed what we have learned, and then we started learning more about weather and natural disasters. We also learned the members of the family, like der Vater and die Mutter. And […]

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   Mar 22

Heute ist Montag

Today is Monday… meaning ~ I’ve got German Class!! Since yesterday was the First Day of Spring / der Froehling ~ we’ve learned the seasons, the days of the week, and the months of the year… including how to count up to a tausend (ie thousand!) We’ve also learned some common phrases related to the […]

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   Mar 15

Die Farben

Today was German Class and we learned the colors. ROT ROSA ORANGE GELB GRUN BLAU VIOLETT / PURPUR WEISS GRAU BRAUN SCHWARZ BUNT (mulitcolored)

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   Mar 01

Wie Gehts?

On our New Year’s Goals – Goal #2 was to Learn a new language. Tonight, I started German for Beginners at the local Edison College. There are four students, and two of us are married to Germans, one has a German boyfriend, and the last is learning for her business (she is an Immigration attorney). […]

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