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   Jun 25


At one point in time, I would make a “Goals” List during New Year’sThis year – life was too busy for such a list, and I made a RESOLUTIONS list.A left over Goal from 2012 was that I had to take my certification – the ACM.So I signed up in February – and took it […]

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   Jan 01

Goals 2012 Recap

10 Goals Recap from 2012 Goal #1 Weight Loss – This went out the door when I got pregnant in April… Opps. However, I shouldn’t have eaten for two!! I did put on a little too much pregnancy weight. Goal #2 Language – I continued to take German class up until November. Goal #3 Certification […]

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   Aug 18

Update – Mid August

Back at the end of July – I made a “To Do List” Here is my progress:1. Sign up for Baby Classes.I picked up the brochure and looked at it. Does that count a little?2. Sign Baby up for Daycare.Completed!! Yey! I’m on the waiting list for Baby Daycare! 3. Finish my albums!Photos completed. Albums bought. Just […]

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   Aug 01

End of July

This year is going by so fast. I can’t believe how fast it’s going … I need to get crackin’ and work on some projects —my goals for August , include, but are not limited to: 1. Sign up for Baby Classes2. Sign Baby up for Daycare (there’s a waiting list)3. Finish my albums! ( […]

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   Jul 20

Albums 2011

Goal #8 Finish my photo album collection I’m really going to start working harder on Goal # 8,  especially before December!  My first step were these two photo albums –  our trip to Germany and Puerto Vallarta,  both last year.  We booked them through Costco and had a coupon,  so we could only do two at […]

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   Jul 15

Day #2 Rain & Shopping

Today we headed off to Las Oslas Blvd. Cute little stores and restaurants to tour.  After our morning out – I dropped the Girls off at the Airport and then headed on my way home.  Such a short trip,but great to catch up with them!

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   Jul 15

Day #1 Sun & Fun

For Girl’s Weekend 2012 I met up with my friends – Sarah and Mari in Ft Lauderdale.  We stayed at the Beachcomber Hotel on Pompano Beach. This was our view from the Balcony on Saturday Morning!  We headed out and enjoyed the Beach ! For the rest of the afternoon, we enjoyed the pool – […]

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   Jul 13

Driving Out

Heading out to the East Coast for Girl’s Weekend 2012!

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   Apr 02


Can you believe 1/4 of the Year has gone by?!? It’s been going so fast! Crazy. Just to think  – next time this month, Sebastian starts to take his Finals.. then Graduation… then Summer… Whew, I’m already seeing this month and next zooming past us. Reviewing my Blog ~ I’ve come to chuckle at how […]

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   Jan 05

On the 5th Day –

5 Goals Is it sad to say – I’d like to carry on the 5 goals from 2011?  Let’s see – Goal #1 Weight Loss – I could lose a few more pounds (most importantly, keep the weight off!) Goal #2 Language – I could improve my German skills more. Goal #3 Certification – This year, […]

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