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   Sep 17

50 States by 50!

So this year for our birthdays – I’ve made a long term goal with Sebastian. By the age of 50- we would like to have visited all 50 States. As a couple, we have already visited a few — so yes, we will retro it back to our first date in Florida, our wedding in […]

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   Dec 31

2011 Goals Wrap – Up

Review of Goals in 2011 ~ What did we accomplish? Goal #1 – Weight Loss – Our first goal was to lose weight. We did manage to lose weight ( I managed to lose 20 pounds total and keep it off!) , but most importantly – we made lifestyle changes to our daily routine. We have […]

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   May 20

Library Trip

Goal #5 is to travel more – therefore, one place on our “must see” list is The Fatherland! Today after work I headed off to the library – and came back with a lot of travel books and videos relating to Germany! I’m now starting to plan our Germany Vacation we have for the summer. […]

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   Mar 01

Wie Gehts?

On our New Year’s Goals – Goal #2 was to Learn a new language. Tonight, I started German for Beginners at the local Edison College. There are four students, and two of us are married to Germans, one has a German boyfriend, and the last is learning for her business (she is an Immigration attorney). […]

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   Feb 09

~ Weightloss Wednesday ~

Back on Jan 5th I mentioned one of our goals for the New Year is to lose weight – so here’s a new thread – Weightloss Wednesday! This new thread of posts will include our new daily habits, new foods we try out, and anything else that peaks our interest to help with our Goal […]

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   Jan 06

5 Goals on the 5th Day

It’s 5 days into the New Year ~ and we’ve got 5 new goals for this year. GOAL #1 – WEIGHT LOSSThis year, our primary goal in House #3914 is to lose some weight. It’s important we look good, feel good, and be healthy. GOAL #2 – LANGUAGEThe two-speaking residents of House #3914plan to learn some […]

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