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   Sep 28

In Months Time ..

In 1 month the kids will have TrunkNTreat at school.  In 2 months we will be in NYC for my brother’s wedding (ok technically flying home).  In 3 months Christmas will be over and we will be preparing for the New Year. –:::–:::–:::– As much as I’m “over 2016” I do look forward to these […]

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   Aug 13

To Do

Back when I was doing my two hour glucose challenge, I made a list of all big items I need to do before Baby arrives… Thankfully, I’ve been pretty motivated and been working hard. So happy to say, as of today- All the boxes in the garage have been looked through and sorted.

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   Aug 06

Random Rambles

Lots to do, lots to think about. Aside from Abigail joining us, Moving was one of the biggest things this year. Apart from one guest – we are close to done of “showing it.” What I mean by “showing it” isn’t to “show off” – but just to invite people and show them how far […]

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