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   Jan 13

Ben’s Milestones @ Month 1

Ben has been quite busy his first month of life outside the womb. He’s been mainly eating, pooping and sleeping. He’s starting to be more awake. He’s so darn cute and cuddly. He has good neck control but we still are very careful. He likes to watch the fan go round and round. When his […]

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   Jan 09

Changes & Goals

Abi has had so many changes in this last month- she’s definitely grown up a lot. From changing Daycares to becoming a Big Sister, birthday’s and the holidays; she has experienced a lot. She definitely has a much sweeter tooth! Movement – Abi loves to move, dance, and use her hands to speak with. She’s […]

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   Dec 05

Daycare Goodbye

An emotional day Abi’s last day at Daycare was very emotional for Mommy. She’s grown up here so much and the ladies that cared for her have been wonderful: Jody, Gert & Clara, Joni & Judy and Miss Vicky and Eunice. Wonderful ladies!!

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   Nov 08

Abi at 23 months

Movement – she’s up and down and all around. She really is a mover- she walks, runs and jumps with lots of enthusiasm. She is a climber into her dinner chair and twin bed. She also loves to dance. Our newest and cutest is when she bobs her head and shrugs her shoulders. When we […]

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   Nov 03

Abi becomes a Big Girl

This week we have been very busy! From Halloween to the Zoo, keeping house and Abi’s newest adventures! On Friday we took out her crib and changed her to the Twin bed – totally skipping the “toddler bed.” She’s been transitioning very well so far! We also took out the booster seat at the table- […]

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   Nov 01

Abi gets a Big Bed

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   Oct 08

Abi Learns a lot!

Movement What isn’t Abi capable of?? She loves to dance, run, and climb. She likes adventure and it sometimes gets her a “Boo boo.” Intelligence Abi is learning so much, it’s hard to keep up with. My favorite I think is her “I lub you” .. She has even started saying “Denk you” on her […]

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   Sep 08

Abi @ 21 Months

MovementMoves and shakes. Likes to dance, even to the commercials on Tv. She’s a runner. She’ll sometimes yell Bye bye! and then take off. She likes to go up/down and all around. Intelligence She continues to learn new words daily – she even answers simple questions “Are you done? No, uh-uh.” She also likes to […]

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   Aug 09

Abi is 20 months!

It’s amazing how time seems to fly by these days – it it already August?? Wow! Movement Abi is a walker, runner, side stepper, mover, climber, and shaker. Sometimes I think the only time she stays still is to go Nigh-Nigh. Intelligence Such a smarty pants!! Understands a lot more than I think we give […]

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   Jul 09

Going on 19 Months

Movement Can High 5 and Low 5! Points to diaper when ready for change. Tries to put her shoes back on after taking them off. (She can do her crocs) Plays ball – started to throw or kick, she knows it’s fun! Starting to be more adventurous in the pool. Abi is also following simple […]

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