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   Dec 26

When life hands you lemons …. make lemonade!

~~Happy 6 Month Anniversary Sebastian and Patricia ~~ Best wishes to you both for another beautiful 6 months! I really enjoyed your lemonade party you hosted. I’m really happy the lemons from your trees turned out wonderful! Hugs, Glenwick

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   Dec 18

Oh dear

Dear Patricia & Sebastian, I am truly sorry to let you know about your poor bushes. Apparently the freeze last week did a number on them, and they have turned murky brown. It’s so sad, once they were so beautiful, and growing tall and green.. now they look quasi -dead. I hope they improve and […]

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   Dec 13

Look who’s on Vacation

Looks like Suzy is on vacation! House #3914 seems crowded with two pups ! I got a chance to meet Suzy when she ran through the rooftop of my burrow. Seems like her People are on vacation – They went on a cruise, and she needed to be looked after, so she’s staying the week […]

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   Nov 24


Rest In Peace Fred August 2010 – November 2010 Beloved Mother, Neighbor, & Friend 

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   Oct 25

Fred’s Update

Check it out House #3914!Fred’s gaurding her second batch of kiddos!! Look at her be so protective!! Remember when she had her first bag? Seems so long ago- but it was only last month! Wow! I wonder when they’ll all come out! Perhaps in Spring. I’ll keep you posted. ~Glen

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   Oct 19


Look who I got to meet this afternoon! This furry friend played around in the garden throughout the afternoon. The kitty was so cute and playful! Next time you’ll have to meet her!! Love, Glenwick

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   Sep 27

Papaya Tree

 An interesting morning, my friend. I just had the chance to watch Patricia grab her Papaya seeds, dig a hole into the ground, and throw some dirt and water over them. Humph. What does she think she’s doing in My Garden? Perhaps, trying to grow a Papaya tree? Patricia looks to not have read or […]

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   Sep 08

Meet Fred

Hey Patricia and Seb, Have you met Fred yet? She’s a wonderful neighbor to have. She came in early August and has decided to stick around for a while. I wonder how long she’ll stay. She does seem to like her view and the farmer’s market nearby. Things just keep hopping her way! Fred Fred […]

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   Sep 05

Trees are green, yellow lemons too..

Dear Sebastian, Have you taken a look recently at your trees?! Although the fruits have started to show early in the summer, they are now turning yellow!! Take a look at your tree through the year so far: February 2010, trees are planted. April 2010, when the blossoms appeared. September 2010 First yellow fruit! I […]

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