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   Aug 13

To Do

Back when I was doing my two hour glucose challenge, I made a list of all big items I need to do before Baby arrives… Thankfully, I’ve been pretty motivated and been working hard. So happy to say, as of today- All the boxes in the garage have been looked through and sorted.

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   Sep 20

10 Things Update

1. Read a Book – I got to read the third installment of The Hunger Games. 2. Watch a Sunset – check out Abi’s Day on Marco Island 3. Go to the Beach – Marco Island! 4. Mani & Pedi – I did my own , never made it to the salon! 5. Go on […]

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   Sep 15

Abi’s Day ; Her First Trip

       Today was Abi’s first day on Marco Island – we got to enjoy the pool and then later the beach. Abi’s first time in the water! She wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but it was a nice day that ended beautifully with a spectacular sunset.

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   Sep 08

Happy Grandparent’s Day

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   Aug 17

List of Ten

Many people do a big list of “Thirty things to do before I turn 30” or some other creative name. I’ve got a Birthday coming up, and I am turning 30. However, coming up with a list of thirty items to check off before then?! Should have started that list on my 20th birthday! haha […]

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