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   Dec 03

Red Guy

“Mommy, is the Red Guy still there?” “Santa? At school?” “No mommy, at the beach.” 😢 My buddy Benny misses the beach as much as I do. At first I thought he was talking about Santa because we saw him Saturday at his school and this was on our car ride there. I’ve had to […]

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   Jan 08

Abi’s Answers

WITHOUT prompting, ask your child these questions and write Exactly what they say… Abi , 5 *What is something I say a lot? Go get your chocolates. *What makes me happy? Helping you clean up *What makes me sad? Not helping you, not doing what you say *How tall am I? This tall (stretches arms […]

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   Jul 05


Morning Talk Benny- “Mommy- FiRah no come!” Abi – “The sky listened to us!” Mommy – “What did you tell the sky?” Abi- “The fireworks not to come when we are sleeping” Overall , the firah(works) were pretty quiet last night at our house  Benny did wake me up 3x though & each time had to […]

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   Jun 25


Abi: “Mommy ? .. do you remember that day on the lazy river when it was rough .. and you fell ? And scrapped your bottom ?  “Yes Abi , I do remember. It was yesterday.”  31weeks BadIdea Owie 

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   Jun 03

Gamer Girl

Abi quotes: “He’s so strong” – Abi describing Hulk “That’s just a lot of fist bumps” -Abi describing a fight scene 

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   May 25

Silly Mommy

When Mommy has a silly question.. Mommy: “Benny what does the boat say?” Benny: “Row, Row yur boat” # He Gets Me |These are my People

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   Apr 27


 Favorite Abi quote from today – “Momma ? If I eat all my dinner can I have watermelon?”  This is a big deal! 

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   Aug 08


“Abi – do you like your dessert tonight?””Oh yes!! I love the sprinkles … anddd chocolate … anddddd Sugar!!” Sugar is just the frosting on the cupcake.  I love my sweet kid. 

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   Jul 29

Suck it up ,Buttercup!

Amazing how children don’t want to listen to you until you start the sentence with ” Honey , I don’t think that we should say that around the kids.” Then the child not only heard you , understood you , but now continues to say it.

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   Jul 28

No more Chicken!

On the way to school Abi told her Daddy she wanted a burrito for dinner because Mommy makes to much Chicken.

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