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   Sep 22

Sad Day at Gulf Coast

When I was in Texas, I did some shopping —  which led me to have $50 worth of “LB Bucks”  Today, while running errands –  We learned that today was the last day Lane Bryant would be open in my small shopping! So, I bought a few items – all for 70% off.  I couldn’t […]

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   Sep 01

Babies & More

 Shopper Beware!  Hehe – We ended up looking around Babies ‘R Us  during the Hottest part of the day.  We also took a step into Ross – and found our new inspiration for our little girl’s room!  Our colors will be: Teal , Lilac , & Pink!

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   Aug 23

Typical Wednesday

Wednesday’s are my longest days ever.And I mean – ever. I get up – go to work, WAIT for 2 hours, then go to German class for another 2 & 1/2 hours. Sometimes I break up the day, like I did today and go out while waiting for class to start. Today I joined my […]

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   Aug 12

Time for Dress Up

July 2012 – photo credit: Sarah T I’m wiped out. In the last 2 days, Sebastian and I have traveled around searching for Maternity Clothes.We’ve held out trying to buy for as long as we ( or rather I ) – could. Right before the 2nd Trimester – I took a shopping trip to Ross […]

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   May 16

Rossin’ it up!

Gotta take the time and enjoy Ross with the parents! Especially on Tuesday’s – They get a discount! hehe !

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   May 06

Cinco de Mayo

Today – Sebastian and I ran some errands — we took the car to the Shop for an oil change and then went to the mall to buy some gifts. We weren’t that successful in buying gifts – but we did end up buying clothes for ourselves! haha Later at night we checked out the […]

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   Mar 17

Spring Garden

Dear Sebastian and Patricia, I can’t wait to see the After Picture! Looks like you’ll be planting some flowers ! ~ Glenwick ~

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   Feb 15

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has Now Opened!   Remember when we got the news? They’ve been open now for about a week. My Husband has been so excited – he’s already gone in and checked it out.    He’s come back with some funny stories, and some really good treats!    

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   Dec 10

Miromar Outlets

Today was my Day off – since I have to work this weekend. Therefore, I dragged my husband away from his books and we took a drive to the Outlets. I don’t consider the Outlets here a “big deal” nor a “savings” – they seem to price things very highly and then claim a “25%-50% […]

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   Oct 30

While it was Snowing in NYC …

View of NYC from my Brother’s Apartment~ it’s snowing in NYC! Meanwhile, here in Florida – I ran some errands and went shopping… … shopping for ? Stampin’ Stuff of course! haha ~ you can say I’m hooked on makinghome made cards.

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