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   Jul 30

Retail Therapy

Sebastian needed a day of Retail Therapy. Yes, Sebastian did. I did enjoy shopping for him though! We bought some new shirts for work, here is the teal and dark red. We also got some new pants – since his are becoming so baggy! He’s looking so sharp!

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   Jul 09

July 4 Sales

This 4th of July – we did some shopping and got some good deals at the local hardware store – and today, our purchaes were delivered. Meet our new stove and fancy dishwasher —- ohhh la la.

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   May 28

Carry On Dilemma

Remember a few days ago when we had trouble deciding our Carry On colors? We dicided on the Olive colored ones for a few reasons:A. We chose this as our Wedding Luggage and we have a few of the set.B. We used gift cards to pay for it.C. We liked the style and layout of […]

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   May 26

Gift Ideas

Kohl’s has these picture frames which I think are so cute. I really like the polka dot one – which will be mine to keep! I plan to use the “Summer 2011” ones as gifts – looks like a cute picnic blanket and I can easily place a picture from this summer and people will […]

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   May 18

Carry On

Cranberry Pro- spinner, color Cranberry Con – Spinner, inside attachment that might cause more weight. Black Pro – small, compact, least expensive Black Con – color, style Olive Pro – Original decision at time of wedding, bought with Gift Cards Olive Con – bought with Gift Cards So which did you decide on ya’ll ? […]

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   Apr 08

Now Open

Southwest Florida is getting bigger! We’ve got our own Hobby Lobby now! Just opened. So the ladies from work , Sebastian and myself headed over there.. then we grabbed some munchies at Chilli’s. What an awesome addition to the area!  

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