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   Aug 23

The End is Near

Baby Stats: Age: 39 Weeks + 3 Days Weight: questionable … Heart rate: 150-160’s Hobbies: Heading south for the end of summer. Mama’s Stats: Mama is feeling tired , large and hot. She has Gained some weight since last visit (4 lbs). Nesting still in house , but slowing down some. We hired a maid to […]

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   Aug 19

Lakeside Bbq

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   Aug 15

Baby 3

Baby Stats:Age: 38 Weeks Day 3 Weight: ~ 6.8 lb per App Heart rate: 150’s Hobbies: been a bit quieter but still kicking & tumbling Mama’s Stats: Feeling big and heavy although weight gain is still ok. Ready to get house in order to have baby home! Nesting in full swing! Thankful for her Mom […]

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   Aug 14


What does she know?? That’s the Hospital Go Bag ! 

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   Aug 11


“Summer Break” Day 2- >Uniforms bought & washed  >Haircut Day  > Teacher meet & greet complete  >TGIF ~ Nesting 3.0 is in da house .. So many things to check off my list — will it all get done ?! 

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   Aug 08

Head’s Down!

Baby Stats: Age: 37 Weeks + 2 Days Weight: ? Questionsble Heart rate: normal Hobbies: Taking a dive!  Mama’s Stats: Nesting is in full swing – getting ready almost daily for baby. Baby room is mainly ready ! Car seats are plugged in (just need washing). Mama has gained 0 lbs since last visit and […]

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   Aug 07

Babee’s Corner

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   Aug 01

The Buzz

Baby Stats: Age: 36 Weeks 2 Day Weight: size of melon Heart rate: 140’s Hobbies: Enjoying sweets and then tumbling after.  Mama’s Stats: Gaining more weight than she wanted & now having lots of heartburn.

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   Jul 26

No Stress

Baby Stats: Age: 35 Weeks 3 Days Weight: Aprox 5.25 lb; measuring 37 Weeks Heart rate: >190’s Hobbies: Enjoying lots of kicks & rolls.  Mama’s Stats: Mama is Hot & Heavy- starting to feel uncomfortable. Midwife was worried on baby heart rate so had to due the stress monitor. After a bit, Baby HR dropped […]

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   Jul 22

35 Weeks

Hey-Ho! Last Round to Go!!! Successful weekend – Got the crib back up ! Baby’s got a corner! 

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