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   Dec 06

Shoes Polished

🎄 Our Tree is Up- we even got some presents underneath courtesy of Abi’s Holiday House Shopping this week 🛍

Most importantly the shoes are polished …

Soon St Nicholas will be here! ✨👟🍫🎅🏻

   Dec 04


Tonight was Abi’s first night as a Girl Scout and mine as a Co-Leader! Here’s to new adventures!

   Dec 03

Red Guy

“Mommy, is the Red Guy still there?”

“Santa? At school?”

“No mommy, at the beach.”

😢 My buddy Benny misses the beach as much as I do. At first I thought he was talking about Santa because we saw him Saturday at his school and this was on our car ride there. I’ve had to explain to him about the red tide being a nasty person leaving a big mess at the beach and that’s why we can’t go.

#️⃣CarRides #️⃣RedTide

#️⃣Missing the Salt Life

   Dec 03


🎊Tis the Season -to be busy! 🎊

🥳Two Birthday Parties, Christmas Cookie Exchange, Park Playdate and then Dinner at Memaw’s 😋 A day packed full of love, friendship, good food, and I can honestly say I’m tired 😴


   Dec 01

Superheroes Unite!

🎊 Superheroes Unite! 💥🦹🏼‍♀️🦸🏼‍♂️💥🎈🎂

Abi & Ben kick off December celebrating their birthday month!! 💥

   Aug 29

The Wild One

Nicknames? Lizzy, Lizard
How old are you? One
Favorite color? NA
Favorite toy? Balls
Favorite stuffed animal? Dolly
Favorite outfit? Onesie
Favorite fruit? Watermelon
Favorite cereal? Squares & Cheerios
Favorite breakfast? Breastmilk – a fruit pouch
Favorite lunch?
Favorite snack? Graham crackers
Favorite dinner?
Favorite dessert? Cake, Ice cream
Least favorite food? Meat
Favorite drink? Breastmilk
Favorite book? All of them
Favorite song? Elvis’ “In the Ghetto”
Favorite animal? Cats
Favorite game? Peek A Boo
Favorite TV show? NA
Favorite movie? NA
What is your favorite thing to do? Go for walks, be carried , scootcb
Favorite sport? NA
Favorite outing? Anywhere with the family
Where is your favorite place to go? Anywhere with the family
Favorite holiday? NA
Who is your best friend? Mommy
Favorite trip? NA
Where do you want to go on vacation? NA
If you could meet someone famous who would it be? NA
What do you want to be when you grow up? NA

What did we do on your birthday? Lizzy went to school and started transitioning to new class. We had dinner at the house with Memaw and Grandpa with cake to follow.
What was birthday meal? Pouch & Breastmilk
Favorite gift? Clothes

   Aug 15

Benny’s First Day!

First Day of PreSchool!

Age- 3

Teacher- Ms Reed

Favorite Color- Brown, Green, Red, & Blue

Favorite Animal – Dinosaurs

“When I grow up , I wanna be?” – A Dad to 4 Baby Boys and 1 Lizzy

   Jun 28


Tonight we had Family Fun Night! Dinner at Culver’s – then off to do some Bowling!

   Jun 09

Back to Work

Welp – I’ve done it. Officially re-entered the real working world. I’ve woken up, showered,dressed, kissed my babes and headed off to work. I’m thankful my pre-maternity work attire still fits but my shoes are a whole other story. There have been some really good improvements in the office – a favorite is having a water cooler.My other favorite is the stellar lactation room! It’s so nice they upgraded that! I’ve also had a really good time catching up with some of my old colleagues and meeting new faces! Commuting has been … interesting. One day, I forgot my pumping parts at home, made it to Bonita and had to return back to meet up with Sebastian who came to my rescue. The best was saved for Friday! To finalize my week , as I parked my car , I heard a THUMP and then a scratching noise on my roof! As I slowly get out – I see this (get this-) a DEAD bird with his scrawny bony legs waving at me. A Raven, perched on another car, was staring at me. He blinked. Then just continued to stare. Well, you know me- I’ve always talked to my birds at home. However, this raven chose not to get his half eaten breakfast, so then I had to use my umbrella to shove it off. Is this real ?


   Feb 18

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