Glenwick's View

All because two people fell in Love.

   Sep 20


   Sep 19

Shopping Day

Found Macy’s Backstage and used all my gift cards ! 

   Sep 18


Apple Cider Donuts & Coffee

   Aug 26

Rainy Day 

Making a Tent ! 

Grandpa teaching Abi & Benny how to make rice crispy treats !

   Aug 24

Computer Time

   Aug 23

The End is Near

Baby Stats: Age: 39 Weeks + 3 Days

Weight: questionable …

Heart rate: 150-160’s

Hobbies: Heading south for the end of summer.

Mama’s Stats: Mama is feeling tired , large and hot. She has Gained some weight since last visit (4 lbs). Nesting still in house , but slowing down some. We hired a maid to help with cleaning- which has been helpful. Just a few more items to check off the list and ready for Babee! 

   Aug 22

A Mommy’s Girl

   Aug 20

Pier Fun

   Aug 19

Chef Abi 

Under instructions from  Mama – Chef Abi made a dessert! Chocolate pudding! 

She claims “It’s delicious!”

And it was..