Glenwick's View

All because two people fell in Love.

   Aug 11


“Summer Break” Day 2- >Uniforms bought & washed 

>Haircut Day 

> Teacher meet & greet complete 

>TGIF ~ Nesting 3.0 is in da house .. So many things to check off my list — will it all get done ?! 

   Aug 10


“Summer Break” Day 1- Movies with Grandpa & Memaw

Thankful for my parents taking the kids while I had to work! 

   Aug 08

Last Splash

The Preschool Abi & Ben go to host a Splash pad day every week during summer. This week was the last pad days – now we begin to gear up for School session again! 

   Aug 08

Head’s Down!

Baby Stats:
Age: 37 Weeks + 2 Days

Weight: ? Questionsble

Heart rate: normal

Hobbies: Taking a dive! 

Mama’s Stats: Nesting is in full swing – getting ready almost daily for baby. Baby room is mainly ready ! Car seats are plugged in (just need washing). Mama has gained 0 lbs since last visit and is dilated at One! 

   Aug 07

Babee’s Corner

   Aug 06

Morning at the Museum

   Aug 05

Crazy Idea Zoo Day 

Wow it’s hot! 

Monkey Isld biat ride

Heading out and trying a new lunch place – Brazilian Pizzeria

Dessert was the best:

   Aug 04

Hello Fresh

Pork chops and couscous

   Aug 03

Happy Benny

   Aug 01

The Buzz

Baby Stats:

Age: 36 Weeks 2 Day
Weight: size of melon
Heart rate: 140’s

Hobbies: Enjoying sweets and then tumbling after. 
Mama’s Stats: Gaining more weight than she wanted & now having lots of heartburn.