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All because two people fell in Love.

   Jul 30

Parabéns Bella!

   Jul 30

Week 2-Day 6

Swim Classes officially complete! Two kiddos floaty free! 

   Jul 28


Week 2•Day 5: Another sunny day success for the kiddos!

   Jul 27

Week 2•Day 4 

Sunny Day Swim Success!

   Jul 26

Week 2 Day 3

Week 2•Day 3: Rain won. 
However, our lanaii roof that was fixed yesterday did not leak! 

   Jul 26

No Stress

Baby Stats:
Age: 35 Weeks 3 Days

Weight: Aprox 5.25 lb; measuring 37 Weeks
Heart rate: >190’s

Hobbies: Enjoying lots of kicks & rolls. 

Mama’s Stats:

Mama is Hot & Heavy- starting to feel uncomfortable. Midwife was worried on baby heart rate so had to due the stress monitor. After a bit, Baby HR dropped to 160’s. 

   Jul 25

Week 2 Day 2

Week 2•Day 2: Swim class cancelled -Thunder & Lightening in the area 


   Jul 24

Swim Week 2

Started Week 2 of Swim School for the kiddos today- back at it with scoops, kicks, jumps, and tricks! It was sunny for class today but hot as heck! 

   Jul 24

Monday Morning

The first night – 

   Jul 23

His & Hers

One room- Two Kids