Glenwick's View

All because two people fell in Love.

   Aug 19

Lakeside Bbq

   Aug 19

Morning with Memaw

Art time at Michael’s

Abi’s Hearts & Ben’s Tree

Then off to reading time at B&N:

   Aug 17

Outdoor Fun!

Abi couldn’t decide on socks ! LOL

Benny and friend 🙂

   Aug 16

Bang Bang

Dinner with friends! 

   Aug 15

Benny at Home

Benny got sick Monday – so he stayed home today. He enjoyed a movie outing with Pepaw (Curious George) and then a nice nap in the afternoon. 

   Aug 15

Baby 3

Baby Stats:Age: 38 Weeks Day 3
Weight: ~ 6.8 lb per App
Heart rate: 150’s

Hobbies: been a bit quieter but still kicking & tumbling

Mama’s Stats: Feeling big and heavy although weight gain is still ok. Ready to get house in order to have baby home! Nesting in full swing! Thankful for her Mom to accompany to baby appointments! 

   Aug 14


What does she know??

That’s the Hospital Go Bag ! 

   Aug 14


First Day of- Pre Kindergarten!

Age- 4
Teacher – Miss Fearsome ( McPherson)

Favorite color – All the colors
Favorite animal – 

“When I grow up , I wanna be?” -A Nurse

Abi & Classmates

   Aug 14

First Day! 

Abi started her first day of Pre- Kindergarten! 

Benny’s first day in Early Preschool #2! 

   Aug 13


“Summer Break” Day 4->Bday Party

>Noodles of Pool Fun 


Toodles to Summer